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Get Paid for the AC Damage in Orlando, FL

Guard Your Claim: Get Paid for the AC Damage

Air conditioners are designed to keep the interiors of a home cooler during the hot summer days. But at times, air conditioners too can experience damage, and it can happen unexpectedly. We offer our services in areas like Tampa and Fort Myers. We offer our services in areas like Tampa and Fort Myers.

Air conditioners can get damaged due to a variety of reasons, such as leaks, thermostat issues, air refrigeration problems, and many more. It doesn’t matter the type of AC Damage Orlando is experiencing; the experts from Guard Your Claim can help you obtain a claim.

We have helped both offices and homeowners who experienced AC-related damages. Also, we take full responsibility for helping our clients get compensation for the AC Damage they have experienced.

What exactly can AC damages do to a particular home?

We believe that the AC Damage in Tampa can render many destructive effects on the home and the health of the homeowners. The primary damaging leak in air conditioners is known as the “AC Freon Leak.”

We think these types of leaks occur due to small holes that cause the gas to flow right out of the system. Freon leaks can be extremely hazardous for the environment and a person’s health because they can drain out the ozone layer.

Filing an insurance claim for AC damages: How do we do it?

As the leading adjuster for AC Damage, we will take full responsibility for filling the insurance claim for the AC damage with the insurance agency. To make sure that the entire process goes smoothly, we will do the following:

  • Inform the insurance company about the AC Damage Broward and inform them that our client wishes to file for the claim.
  • Gather all the images of the damages made to the AC
  • File a report for the damage and mention what caused the damage.

Apart from all that, we will also send our experienced claims adjuster to your home/office to investigate the damage that took place. We will provide the insurance company an estimate of the cost of the damage.

Preventing AC damage: How to do it?

The AC Damage in Cape Coral can occur anytime, but one can easily prevent these unwanted damages from taking place. We have listed some of the ways through which home and offices can reduce the chances of waters damages:

  • Check to see that the central system of the air conditioner is linked perfectly with a secondary drain line.
  • Utilize a 50-50 solution of bleach and water to prevent mildew and Mold from accumulating in the condensate pump.
  • Change and clean the HVAC filter to prevent AC Damage in Fort Myers from occurring.
  • Check whether or not the ductwork is properly installed.
  • Get the HVAC checked routinely on a yearly basis

How can we help you?

We are aware of how beneficial air conditioners are for people in Florida, especially during the humid summers. But at the same time, these cooling systems can cost a lot in damages throughout the whole year.

At times, the insurance agency will not pay up for the AC Damage or will just pay only a small portion of the damages that one has suffered. The agency will make the person believe that they were at fault or did not conduct proper maintenance of their AC units.

But hey, customer, don’t get fooled by that! We guarantee that that you will be much more entitled than the insurance company is providing. As reputed insurance claim adjusters, we will represent the insurance policyholder and not the insurance agency.

Our job is to obtain the maximum claim for the AC Damage Miami from the agency. We will make sure to offer our clients all the knowledge that we have gained by working as claim adjusters for many years.

Experienced AC damage? Call Guard Your Claim today

Guard Your Claim has always been available to help their clients receive the claim they deserve for AC-related damages. We have a unit of experienced and skilled claim adjusters who will inspect the AC, look for the damages and then make estimation for the claim. Contact us at (305) 946-9155 to learn more about the AC damage claims.

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