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When homes get water damage Broward, it’s crucial for all homeowners to take immediate action. One should quickly locate the source of the problem and prevent it from causing further damage to the property.

After that, homeowners must clean up the entire space, restore the property and then file for the water damage claim on their insurance policy. The insurance firm will allocate an adjuster who will provide a small amount or will just deny the claim.

Guard Your Claim believes that every homeowner deserves a proper claim for the damages they experienced on their property. As the best water damage in Florida’s Broward, Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Orlando, Tampa and surrounded area, we will only work for the policyholders and make sure to acquire the best claim for them.

Water Damage Claim: What are the things covered?

The majority of the homeowner’s policies provide protection against water damage in Cape Coral, and our client’s policy will also cover accidental and sudden water damage. If the damages to the property took place due to the homeowner’s negligence, the insurance agency will not cover the damages.

To protect the home against floods, one has to buy a separate flood policy. It’s primarily because flood damages are not covered under the homeowner’s policy. Moreover, the insurance policy will cover several sources of water damage, such as:

  • Appliances
  • Plumbing
  • Mold
  • Roof leaks

Pipe bursts taking place because of freezing or pressure building during the winter are pretty common. Even the garbage disposals and clogged toilets will overflow. All these events occur suddenly, which clearly shows that water damage Fort Myers can help instantly and during unexpected situations.

This differs greatly from all the gradual water damage which takes place over time. This type of damage occurs when the homeowner fails to conduct maintenance and repair services.

It can also become difficult to check what’s happening in the plumbing and electrical systems, which are concealed by the walls of the home. Homeowners might overlook this kind of water damage for several months or years.

How to stop extra water damage from occurring?

Individuals must take care of not just one but several sources of water damage in Miami on their property. But here, in this section, we have listed some of the effective ways through which people can prevent additional damages from taking place. These are:

  • Find and commit the location of the primary water shut-down system.
  • For leaking pipes or faucets, look for water damage to the walls, floors, and ceilings.
  • Inspect the foundation several times each year to look for water seepage, cracks, and damages.
  • Investigate the sources of the gradual water damage, such as kitchen pipes, hot water heaters, bathroom pipes, dishwashers, or washers.
  • For all the old heating systems, such as radiators and boilers, please conduct regular maintenance.
  • Check the roof from the blow when walking through the perimeter of the property. Contact the roofing company to investigate to find any problem.
  • When individuals go on holiday trips, they switch off the water supply of their washing machine.

How can Guard You Claim help with water damage?

As the best water damage in Orlando, we from Guard Your Claim will only work for the policyholders. When people contact us, we will take over all the aspects of the water damage claim.

Our clients do not have to stress over the time-consuming and overwhelming process and can focus on areas that matter the most. Our crew of water damage Tampa is skilled and has the expertise and resources to place a persuasive claim on behalf of their clients.

The best part here is our clients will not pay anything until the insurance agency provides them with their claim. Once the claim is provided, we will collect the contingency fee from the settlement.

When individuals want to file a water damage claim, Guard Your Claim will help get that claim. We have offered our services to many homeowners and will make sure that our clients get to receive the settlement that they deserve.

Our unit has worked with countless insurance agencies and is well aware of how exactly the claim for water damages works. They know where and what they must look for within a client’s policy and their property.

After that, we will then collect all the evidence and attach it with the claim settlement. Interested homeowners can speak to us by contacting us at (850) 775-6878. Individuals can also write to us at submissions@guardyourclaim.com.

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