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Hurricane Damages

When your home is damages or destroyed by a hurricane it can feel like you’re on your own – especially when your insurance won’t step in to help..

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Water Damages

Water damage can accumulate over several years, or it can happen all at once. It can affect your home in invisible ways, severely damaging the internal structure..

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Though it can be hard to spot, the smell is unmistakable. Somewhere between ‘gym clothes” and “old tool shed” lies mildew..

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Roof Leak

Given time and sufficient exposure to constant rain and sunlight, a roof is almost sure to leak. When it does, you want to be prepared to protect your valuables..

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Many homeowners are surprised to discover that floods are not covered under their basic homeowners’ policy. A flood involves the inundation of at least two acres of normally dry land..

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Fire damage can be sudden and severe, and it also happens to be one of the most common causes of losses in the home insurance industry..

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Hurricane Damage?


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Why Guard Your Claim?

When Brian Sierra and Viktor Garcia started Guard Your Claim thousands of claims and several hurricanes ago, they did so with a single goal: to maximize settlements while minimizing stress for the policyholder. Their enormous success and stellar team of adjusters is evidence that the company delivered on their goal, and more!


Expert Claims Adjusters

Our expert claim adjusters are trained to find coverage and will inspect your property for free! Call now or send us an email to learn more about our free inspections.


Experienced Estimators

We equip our estimators with the latest in loss-assessment technology. If damage is discovered, one of our professional estimators will be on the scene to assess the cost of any repairs, renovations and replacements that need to be done.


Elite Customer Service

Our staff is prepared to answer your calls and questions at a moment’s notice. We will keep you up to speed as to the status of your claim – and as to the size of your settlement!


Rapid Results

Our adjusters are trained to bring claims to settlement as quickly as possible. Nobody likes waiting on the check to come in – especially when their home is on the line. We guarantee speed and reliability, every time.


Maximum Settlement

You shouldn’t have to worry about whether your settlement check will be enough – and with Guard Your Claim, you won’t have to! Our adjusters are tried and true negotiators who know exactly what steps to take to make sure you get the settlement you deserve!

Why Let us Guard your Claim?

About US

In the adjusting game, success for the adjuster means success for the client; Brian and Viktor have never forgotten that, which is why they train every new adjuster to treat each claim like it was their own home on the line. At Guard Your Claim, we take claims personally, which is why every settlement is a maximum settlement.

Home Damage? Get a free inspection

Do you have damage in your home? Call Guard Your Claim today or contact us through the adjacent form. Our expert inspectors have decades of damage assessment experience under their belts. Remember, not all damage is visible to the naked eye! Whether you are a homeowner, a property manager, or a business, we can help identify and assess property damage for you, free of charge.


Free Inspection

New, denied, and underpaid claims begin with a free inspection by your adjuster. The adjuster will search for damages that may be covered by your insurance policy,

Claim Filing

Our team will report new or additional damages to your insurance company and being the process of negotiating the claim.


Get Your Estimate

Our estimators will be over once the claim is filed. They will assess the damage and present your insurer with an official damage estimate.


Settlement Offer

Once we have negotiated a settlement and the insurer has made their offer, you can either accept or reject it.

Deposit Your Check

Upon accepting a settlement offer, you will be mailed a check for the damages to deposit.


The real question is, can you afford not to be covered? Here’s the Guard Your Claim Guarantee: If there is coverage, we will find it -guaranteed. The reason many homeowners never even try is that the insurance companies make the claim process difficult and stressful – not to mention boring! At Guard Your Claim, we will hand the claim processing for you, with minimal risk on your end. We’ve found coverage for thousands of roof leaks, even ones that were initially denied! Let us do the same for you.

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