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Drywall Damage Claim: Cape Coral, Fort Myers & Tampa

When someone notices holes and scuffs on the drywall of their house, they start to think about how exactly did that happen. There are countless ways through which Drywall Damage can take place, and when that happens, homeowners can make claim compensation for those damages.

But on certain occasions, the insurance company might not provide the claim you’re entitled to or will just offer a small fraction of it.  Claim Your Guard will help you will receive more for those damages.

Being the best public adjusters for Drywall Damage in Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Tampa and near by areas,, we can help our clients obtain the claim/compensation for the damages without any delay.

Various types of drywall damage can take place

We are well aware of the damages that a drywall can experience. Since there are many types, we will have listed down some of the primary ones in this section.

  • Popping Nails 

This is a type of Drywall Damage in Cape Coral, which normally occurs in many houses. When one doesn’t set the nails securely in the middle of the stud or joint, they might pop out right through the drywall over time. Don’t take the hammer and then try to nail it back in its place because it can lead to further damage, and the nail might come out again.

  • Furniture Scuffs 

The scuff marks from the furniture can also lead to damage to the drywall. These types of damages are minor and look like a marker or a pencil stain. One can easily avoid these damages from happening when they move all their furniture carefully in the house.

Try not to place all the bigger furniture way too close to the wall. If the Drywall Damage did not rip off the drywall, one could solve this issue with a cleaning sponge. But one needs to call in a professional if the drywall is severely damaged.

  • Smaller Holes 

Homeowners will find small holes around their houses, which are caused due to many reasons, such as a door that swings open way too hard. Individuals can prevent this type of Drywall Damage in Fort Myers from taking place by purchasing an adhesive backing plate.

They can line this plate up at the corner of the door or with the door knob. In return, it will help protect the drywall from getting damaged in the future. All drywall repairs for small holes should be done by a professional if he/she does not have the tools to get it done.

How experts from Guard Your Claim can help?

When our clients wish to get paid for the Drywall Damage in Miami, we can help them get it without much hassle. We will get it done through these steps:

  • Inspect the loss: Our professional adjusters will investigate the Drywall Damage that has taken place on the drywall and on all personal possessions. We will conduct the inspection by documenting and identifying all the damages carefully.
  • Reviewing the insurance policy: We will review the insurance policy of our clients to decide the coverage that will apply to their claims. This enables us to ensure that our client’s claim gets handled according to the policy’s terms.
  • Document the entire loss: We will create an accurate and detailed estimate of the Drywall Damage in Orlando, which includes gathering images and various other documentations. All these things are compulsory because they can trigger the coverage of the policy and also establish the damage’s extent for the insurance agency.
  • Provide the insurance claim: We will work together with our client, creatingand submit insurance for the Drywall Damage Tampa to the insurance agency. The claim will contain all the needed documentation, and it will also answer every question that we, as the adjuster, might have in-store.
  • Analyse and negotiate the claim: We will appraise the initial settlement of the insurance agency and then negotiate on behalf of our client to make sure they get to receive a timely and fair settlement.
  • Settle the insurance claim: When the claim for the Drywall Damage has been settled, we will make sure that our client receives the payment quickly and will stay in contact with the insurance company to stay updated with the process.

Guard Your Claim is always ready to offer its services to people who wish to obtain a claim when their property has received damages. Our crew of experienced and skilled public adjusters will work hard by taking care of the claim settlement work. We will make sure that our customers receive their claims on time without any delay or interruption.

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The real question is, can you afford not to be covered? Here’s the Guard Your Claim Guarantee: If there is coverage, we will find it -guaranteed. The reason many homeowners never even try is that the insurance companies make the claim process difficult and stressful – not to mention boring!

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