Water damage can accumulate over several years, or it can happen all at once. It can affect your home in invisible ways, severely damaging the internal structure. Worst of all, the cost to repair such damage is often incredibly expensive, and the insurance companies will fight tooth and nail to avoid paying you what you’re owed.
As soon as water damage is suspected or expected, you, the homeowner, should act fast to mitigate damages. Remove materials that absorb moisture (such as carpets and furniture) from the area and dry what water you can with towels. It is recommended that you contact a water-damage mitigation specialist immediately, as they can prevent further serious harm to your home.

Water Damage Do’s and Don’ts

  • Do call a water-damage specialist immediately
  • Don’t attempt to remove water with a vacuum cleaner
  • Do remove carpets and rugs, as well as other absorbent materials
  • Don’t perform repairs until the damage has been professionally inspected
  • Do call Guard Your Claim today

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